Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Turns Wet and Wintery

We have passed the middle of May.
 If it was February in GriggsDakota we would have several feet of snow drifted into mountains.
Because it is May, most of our precipitation has fallen as rain.  
But this week we have snow falling. 
 We were in need of moisture and we have had over five inches in the last couple of weeks. 
I keep buckets of water on the deck to water the plants I started in the porch, but as you can see, it is crusted with ice.
 It is Summertime on the porch. 
 The snapdragons are blooming.
 A few tomatoes and squash are also valiantly trying to produce. I will nip the buds off before they are transplanted, but for now, they give me hope.
 Some of the perennials may be damaged.
 The damage will depend on how low the temperatures go before this moves out.
And, of course, the plants in the yard are not our only concern. 
 Our fields are about 75% planted. We are hopeful, but realistic.
 Life in GriggsDakota is not always easy, and it is never dull.


  1. Love the creativity and care you have for those plants

  2. The plants looks fabulous

  3. Hey, where have you been ? I really enjoyed your blog. I hope all is well. Marc in North Texas.

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