Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fussing About the Corn

 If we make it through September without freezing the corn, we hope to have a pretty good corn crop.
It won't be a big crop, but we are still hoping for a crop. 
The 2014 crop hangs in the balance because of its late start and the cool Summer. A freeze in September will damage it before it is fully ripe.
Most of the places that I found have corn stalks with just one ear of corn per stalk. 
In some places there are small second cobs, that if they mature, will add to the yield.  
But there are some stalks that were able to produce two full size corn cobs. 
The price of corn has fallen considerably, so it will take a good crop to break even in the corn field this season.
Did you notice the weeds on the ground?
 The weeds are actually volunteer soybeans complete with pods, growing between the rows.
The corn is looking fine for Summertime in GriggsDakota.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Dreaming of a Warm September

Try to hum the melody to White Christmas as you read this post.
I'm dreaming 
Of a Warm September, 
Just like the one 
We had last year.
When Summer 
And Field Hand Joe
Played here, 
To bring
The harvest 
To the bins.
 I'm dreaming
Of a warm September 
 Where flowers bloom
Into the Fall 
May your days be warm
and bright
And may all your burdens be this light.
Happy Labor Day from GriggsDakota.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Finished with Winter Wheat- Back to Barley

After rain over the weekend, things dried out sufficiently to start the combines on Wednesday. 
  These photos were taken on our last field of Winter Wheat.
 The combines have their straight, or cutting heads on for harvesting grain that is standing in the field.
 Field hand Joe has taken over the grain cart duties.
We have taken samples from our remaining fields of barley and begun combining standing barley. 
The ground is damp and none of the grain that we are combining is dried down to safe storage moisture content. 
It will all go into air bins to finish the dry down. 
Chaff is the chopped stems, leaves, husks, and beards that is spread back on the field as it is blown out the rear of the combine. 
 The chaff is itchy and dirty, but very good for soil health.
We are pushing for the small grain harvest finish line in GriggsDakota.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Iris is 109 Years Old Today!

In general Iris doesn't want to be fussed over, and she doesn't feel that she deserves attention, just for being old. Honestly, today she is 109 years old. Iris is, of course, the oldest member of our family and is holding the youngest, our dear Energy Advisor. 
Happy Birthday, dear Iris, Happy Birthday to You!!! 
Today we will eat cake in GriggsDakota.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Field of Flowers Already in Bouquets

The wild flowers in this field seem already to be arranged, with butterflies perching or flying around. 
 This surely must be the most beautiful barley field I have ever come across.
 I don't know exactly why it looks this way.
However, it brings brightness to our partly cloudy day. 
The sun has been trying to break through today. 
 And it seems to be on the road to success.
Could we title this one "The talking head?" 
The field is speaking. 
 "Enjoy me now." 
"While warmth is in the sunshine" 
"And we can face the days and night exuberantly." 
"For Summer is waning in GriggsDakota."