Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Flowering Wheat

We had warm weather over the weekend, so it was time to inspect the wheat for flowering.
We found a white tail deer checking out the field. 
Flowers on wheat are not readily apparent. You must look closely at the head to see a small yellow blossom. The field is alive with insects.  
 There were dragonflies, like the blue guy in the photo above. Can you see the tiny blossoms on the head?
And all varieties of flying insects are buzzing about, which assist with fertilization of the wheat. 
Wheat flowers are discovered. 
Tiny, almost flecks of yellow hang precariously from the head of the wheat where each kernel will form after pollination. 
When the AgAnalyst gets one in her hand, it seems to disappear. 
 The wheat flowering stage is also called anthesis, which simply means the flowering period of a plant.
Although the husks are in place, the kernels have yet to form. 
Soon the kernels, which will eventually be harvested as our wheat crop, will begin the fill in the heads of Winter Wheat in GriggsDakota.

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