Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Swans Stop to Rest

There is a distinction among water fowl in the area. 
As they arrive in the Spring, we know some species to be Summer residents of the area. 
Tundra Swans are visitors. 
Merely passing through, they stop for a rest and food. 
 While the frost is still in the ground, low spots in fields form puddles as the snow melts, perfect for the swans to enjoy a refreshing break.
The stubble has corn left for gleaning.
 It provides an opportunity for an energy packed meal.  
 The snow drifts, even those sheltered in the trees, have mostly melted.
The fierce winds of our long awaited Springtime has driven warm air into all of the cold hiding spots. 
 It is just what Farmer Fred has been cheering for.
But it causes the swans to take to the air and head for the tundra as they let the wind carry them to their nesting place, far to the North of GriggsDakota.

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