Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aneta Community Gardens-A Dream Comes True

Does this look like a dream come true? Let me assure you that it is. An orchard and garden surrounded by a tall fence that keeps out wandering wildlife.
The trees, shrubs and flowers are labeled. The labels were hand made with recycled heavy plastic from an old water tank. They were hand lettered and engraved, then each letter hand painted. The signs were mounted on fence posts that were donated to the Aneta Community Orchard and gardens. 
There is growing to do. Dozens of people have donated hundreds of hours of labor to start this project.
This Spring, moisture has been abundant, but there will be dry spells and we have water available. Garden plots are rented for a small fee on a first come first garden basis.
 I am very excited about the GriggsDakota garden plots inside the fence. We planted several rows of flowers and herbs closest to the road. We have never gardened inside a fence.
Field hand Joe assisted with the planting. We have two plots.
Robbie and Princess Jenn, perhaps even Power On Kirsti will help with the weeding when they can. 
We have high hopes that the entire family will benefit from the vegetables.
It has been cool and damp, so the peas are doing well, but the corn hasn't come up. 
It is windy, so cans and oatmeal boxes help protect the tender transplants. 
Everyone can stop and smell the flowers at the Aneta Community Orchard and Gardens near GriggsDakota.

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