Monday, September 17, 2012

Pinto Bean Harvest: Old Red Is Here to Help

Old Red spends more time resting than he used to. Sometimes he is inspired by the competition to get out and work.
Sometimes he is called into service because another of our old trucks needs a trip to the hospital. We have Help for Old Red in GriggsDakota now, and he is enjoying the life of semi-retirement. 
 During our dusty bean harvest, Old Red has been standing by at the edge of the field.
 The ground is hard which has made cutting the bean plants off at ground level difficult.
The combines work well in dry conditions. 
Our bean combines travel back and forth following the swath left for them by the 
There are more beans waiting nearby. 
Although our combines are big machines, they appear miniature on the vast land. 
Old Red's patience is rewarded. 
Soon he will have a load of pinto beans to haul to the elevator. 
Old Red starts to smile.
Farmer Fred and the gang are all smiling, because we have completed bean harvest in GriggsDakota.
Soybeans, which are not referred to as beans, but always as soys or soybeans, are next.

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