Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cattle, Cover Crop and Corn Stover

The cover crop is green and has not frozen yet despite our frosty temperatures the last few nights. 
 Some of the ground that we seeded with cover crop is now being grazed by cattle.
 I didn't jump the fence to check the roots on where the cattle were grazing, but on another field I found growing radishes and turnips.
The roots are long and meant to penetrate down into the soil. 
Sooner or later these vegetables will freeze. The growth above ground helps catch snow and below ground, the roots improve organic content and fight compaction.
Although there is a corn ground included in the fenced area that the cattle are roaming, not all are choosing to eat corn.
Many are enjoying the tender vegetables available in the cover crop. Cattle retain about thirty percent of what they eat and return seventy percent to the land in their waste.
 Cover crop and corn stover are valuable resources for the livestock herds in GriggsDakota.  
As we all appreciate each beautiful November day as it comes along.

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