Friday, September 23, 2011

A Week after Frost, How are the Soybeans?

Many of the trees are hanging onto their leaves although we have had a cold week of wind and rain following our frost. 
It's been a week since our frost and we decided it was time to look at the AdFarm soybeans. 
There is definitely frost damage and the leaves have dried up. 
I found a few hiding close to the ground that were Spring green. They had been knocked down, probably by a deer and survived the cold. 
Farmer Fred was encouraged by what he saw out here today. 
The immature beans at the top of the plants are lost, meaning, they will not fill. 
The top soybean in the photo above is mature, the lower one is immature. Notice that there are three different sizes of beans in the immature pod. Small, medium and mature,
 These soybeans might not make seed grade.
But there are a lot of soybeans in this field. It looks like it could still bring in a decent crop. 
And as the sun sets South of the road on this Fall evening, Farmer Fred is optimistic in GriggsDakota.

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