Thursday, August 4, 2011

AdFarm Soybeans: Blooming

It is not a perfect field, but everything is as green as it can be, in the AdFarm Soybean field. This photo includes an area that was too wet to plant last Spring. We've used herbicide to knock the weeds down. If weeds are allowed to produce seed it will be a big problem in the area next year. Weed control is imperative on unplanted farmland.
Ten days ago I took the photo above on a day when the plants were enjoying hot sunshine.
I noticed minor leaf damage from hail in the field on that day.
Healthy leaves are very important to the production of the plants. The damage here is minor. There is plenty of leaf structure and surface to do the important work of gathering air and sunshine.
Ten days later, it is clear that the Soybeans have continued to grow and the leaves have grown  healthy above those damaged by the hail.
 There is some volunteer corn in the beans that I don't like to see. 
We have applied a herbicide to clean up the weeds between the rows of Soybean plants. 
It is certainly working on the smaller weeds. 
The corn may take longer, but should be stopped by the application. If it is not, we may rogue it out of the field. That is, pull up each stock and remove it from the field. It must be gone before we harvest and it will be.
The application of spray included an insecticide to discourage soybean aphids. A quick check indicates that aphids are not a problem in the field. 
 The soybeans are starting to bloom.
Barely visible along the stem, a close look is required to notice the simple flowers. 
If every bud becomes a flower and ever flower becomes a pod and every pod fills to capacitywith beans, and every bean matures and every mature bean dries down into a soybean that can be harvested... well, that's a lot of tofu.  
 But we're weeks of weather away from that.
the crop can't be counted before it's in the bin.
But this little frog told me before it hopped away that there is plenty of moisture to support a big crop. We are over the first hurdle.
Heat, sunshine, and patience will tell the rest of the story for the AdFarm 2011 Soybean crop in GriggsDakota.

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