Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lush Winter Wheat

The winter wheat fields are now lush and full. They have been benefitting from our frequent rains and summertime temperatures. Early in May the field was sprayed with a broadleaf herbicide and a fungicide.
Although weed seeds blow in on the wind every day, the canopy created by the growing rows of wheat leaves now can shade the germinating weeds which stunts their growth. When the growth is thick and the conditions moist, it creates an ideal environment for fungal disease.
Farmer Fred found that the fungicide is doing its job.
Disease on leaves results in yield loss. The more disease, the less grain we will harvest from this field.
Farmer Fred is happy with the growth of the wheat and expects to treat it with another pass of fungicide when heading begins in a couple of weeks. Keeping leaf disease to a minimum is crucial to producing a good crop. 

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