Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Corn, Geese, and Wheat

Remember the CRP Acres we broke up last Spring? The ground was wet and we were stuck. 
Eventually we were successful, then planted corn.
Things are still wet out there.
Corn would not have been Farmer Fred's first choice for a crop on land coming out of years in CRP. These acres were planted to corn as a continuation of an adjoining field.
Further down I noticed a path up from the lake and into the field.
The families of geese that hatched are growing and hungry. 
They have been chewing down our corn plants
and our wheat.
The chewed down areas eventually die.
Without healthy leaves, the plant can't survive.
Farmers and private landowners provide most of the food and habitat for wildlife in America.
That is logical, but remember, every acre is planted at a cost. We will watch and try to discourage geese from waddling up the path to the fields.
Another challenge for Farmer Fred in GriggsDakota.

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