Saturday, September 12, 2009

Decorating with Wheat

Above: This is winter wheat in the field. There are two different types of wheat raised in GriggsDakota. Most of our wheat acres are in winter wheat. It is planted in the fall. It establishes a plant and root system before going dormant with the cold of winter. As the ground warms in the spring, it grows to maturity through the summer. Spring wheat is planted in the spring. Hard red spring wheat is the traditional wheat raised in the area.
Above: The straw of winter wheat is strong and durable. The husks hold the wheat seed well and the husk clings to the head structure even after the wheat seed is released. These properties make it a very good material to work with when making wreaths or centerpieces.
Above: Wheat stands up in a bouquet of fresh flowers even if the stems are in water.
Above: The straw can be soaked in water and braided or in this case, twisted. It can also be intricately knotted. There are endless possibilities.
Above: The wooden containers for the center pieces were custom made. The grosgrain ribbon covers the cut edges of the wood.
Above: The church takes on a golden hue of fall, thanks to the wheat decorations.
Above: The wreaths, made on wire clamp wreath forms, will last for three to five years if properly cared for. Wheat can be stored with moth balls to be sure there will be no pests. Store and air as you would a fine wool sweater.
We loved decorating with wheat for Katie's October wedding.


  1. Decorating with wheat made our wedding so unique and special. It was meaningful to have it from our family farm and you put so much work into making everything, Mom! We will always cherish all of these wonderful pictures and memories. And anyone who comes to our home knows I still like decorating with wheat!

  2. how beautiful! Thank you for sharing.