Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harvest Meals

When the sun is shining and the grain is ripe, we do not stop to eat. Meals are brought out to the field twice a day. Everything in the bag is prepared in a way that makes it easy to eat with one hand, so we can grab a bite on the go. Here is a look into the food preparation.
Meals usually include a sandwich. Often home grown beef is the main ingredient. We keep a stockpile in the freezer.
Today the beef is grilled to smokey perfection.
Home made buns came out of the oven this morning.
The sandwiches are wrapped in aluminum foil and warmed in an oven for a few minutes. That will keep them hot on their trip to the field.
Fresh buns are not the only bread we use. Farmer Fred stops at the discount bread store to stock the freezer. We try to vary every element of the meals to add interest to the long hard days of work.
Lunches usually include fruit and vegetables. Today it is peaches wrapped in a paper towel to catch the drips. Fruit and vegetables are washed, prepared, and sent in a ziplock sandwich bag unless they are to be eaten whole.
Here is a tip on how to neatly pack frosted cake or brownies in a bag lunch:
Place the piece of cake on waxed paper or foil.
Cut off the bottom of the piece horizontally and cover the frosting. The cake bottom is now on top and the frosting is a filling in the middle.
Wrap carefully and you will not have frosting sticking to the paper. If you have brownies or bars that are too thin to slice horizontally, just cut the piece in half and stick the frosted tops together. This trick means you won't have to lick your frosting off the paper or foil wrapping!
The food is packed into personalized brown bags, then delivered with a cooler of water, Cokes, and iced tea. We try to deliver food at Noon and 6:30 PM. Often the evening bag will contain an extra treat to keep us going through the long evening.


  1. You do not give yourself enough credit on this post Mom! There is NO farm anywhere that serves more tasty on the go meals than what you do. And you vary the meals so much. They are original and fabulous. Makes me hungry and wish I was there to deliver for you today!

  2. I love the way you wrap / pack the frosted treats! I will be using that tip for picnics, etc. I have just recently started reading your daughter's blog, pinkepost and now yours. I am from Eastern Canada and a small town / small city girl and I am falling in love with the beauty of farm life. While I have always felt amazement at what it must take to grow food for the country (!) I truly have no knowledge of what goes on or how it is done. Thank you both for sharing your stories. <3