Welcome to GriggsDakota.

We're a fifth generation family farm located in east-central North Dakota, growing corn, soybeans, pinto beans, canola, barley and wheat. The farm is managed by Farmer Fred who oversees the content of the blog.

The blog is an educational tool for people interested in how a farm works. We publish brief photo filled posts. 

Jane writes the posts and was raised in GriggsDakota. The daughter of farmers, with a degree in education and married to Farmer Fred, Jane mixes stories and photos from the past with the day to day activities of a working farm. Anecdotes, wit, instructions and recipes sprinkle through the GriggsDakota work days.

We hope readers better understand life on a family farm and where their food comes from.

Enjoy your visit; come back soon and stop by often. Folks are always welcome in GriggsDakota.

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