Friday, May 1, 2015

In May We Hope

May Day! May Day! It can be a distress signal or a call to celebration. In GriggsDakota it is a month of optimism.
In May we expect sunny days.
May is a pair of geese 
Hatching into a family of geese. 
May is when we expect the lilacs to start to bloom.

We find new trails in May as we plunge into our growing season. In May the crop is as we imagine it should be. We don't have to deal with many harsh realities in May.
Instead, we find the perfect hat to celebrate the running of the Kentucky Derby. 
We dig out the baseballs and bats. 
Our crops emerge in May and the world turns green.
We exchange our snow boots for water boots.
Or we put on our work boots and check the fields. 
In May we plant the garden. 
In May we plant trees. 
In May we made our vows. 
 And watched others follow the same path.
All in the month of May.
In May we look for bright colors and the sweetness of life. 
May brings hope.
Happy May Day from Farmer Fred and the gang in GriggsDakota.
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  1. Great article and awesome photography. Great talent at work.....