Friday, April 24, 2015

Winter Wheat Update: Guardedly Optimistic

 The landscape is still mostly brown in GriggsDakota.
Follow the geese and you will find green. 
They always seem to be able to find the greenest Winter Wheat field. 
 Canola stubble is ideal for planting Winter Wheat in the Fall. The Winter Wheat, a winter annual, sprouts and turns the field green. The cold Winter freezes the growth above ground, but the roots are kept warm with snow. Canola stubble is very good at catching enough snow to keep the roots warm and provide early moisture in the Spring. 
The photo above illustrates two types of stubble that are now Winter Wheat fields. The foreground is Canola stubble.
But even the stubble that appears brown from a distance has Winter Wheat growing. 
This is barley stubble and it has been able to provide enough protection for the Winter Wheat to survive.  In the fields that we checked, there seems to be sufficient growth for a crop to come through. 
 We had a dry Winter, with inconsistent snow cover. We have been concerned about the ability of the Winter Wheat to thrive and produce a crop this season.
Things look pretty good in the fields. We are guardedly optimistic. 
Now I will leave the geese to their puddle and move on with barley seeding in GriggsDakota.

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