Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Visited By Tundra Swans

A welcome sign of Spring is the bird migration through GriggsDakota.   Swans remind me of the children's story about "The Ugly Duckling." They will not stay here to raise their ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. They are wary in the semi darkness, much darker than the photos would lead you to believe. The Tundra Swans are traveling though and understandably watchful of movement on the shore. This region will not be home, but we were thrilled to notice them through the window.
 The swans are on their way up to the Arctic where they will nest on the Tundra, laying four eggs and keeping them warm for 31 days before the eggs hatch their family. Last year Tundra Swans visited a nearby field on their way to their nesting ground. It seems odd to see this small group away from the migrating flock which might include hundreds or even a thousand birds. Perhaps they have been stalked by a predator during the night. Tundra Swans are able to defend themselves. They are a big bird measuring three feet long with a wing span of over four feet. They are impressive birds when they take flight.  Perhaps they prefer to fly away, rather than face a fight with a predator.  That would explain their presence here. I, however, plan to keep my distance and let this respite last as long as possible.
It was our great pleasure to host beautiful Tundra Swans for a few short hours on our little lake in GriggsDakota. 
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