Thursday, April 16, 2015

The First Spot of Green: Shepherd's Purse

 In GriggsDakota we live in a weedy world. 
 So it is not surprising that the first spots of green in the field are weeds.
 These are shepherd's purse, a winter annual. 
 They are in the mustard family and grow from seeds, germinating in the Fall with the roots living through the Winter. If there had been deep snow cover, with a few warm sunny days following the melt, I would expect the Shepherd's Purse to be ready to bloom. It stakes its claim early in the season.
 Shepherd's Purse is used medicinally.  According to my Internet research, parts of the plant are used for blood related medication and the control of bleeding and bruising. I don't know much about that. My medicine comes in a bottle or a tube. It is tested and approved, with specific dosage directions and is prescribed by a trusted medical professional. 
Reading about the uses of Shepherd's Purse makes me think of the generations of people who, through trial and error,  knew where to start when the process of creating modern medicine was in its infancy.
Around here Shepherd's Purse is  an unwelcome weed providing a welcome spot of green in the fields of GriggsDakota.

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