Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring in GriggsDakota

Spring in North Dakota doesn't turn green in a hurry. Can you spot a whitetail deer in the above photo? It takes an eagle eye, but there is one running for the trees in fear.
The whitetail deer is fleeing across the field to the shelter belt. Her coloring will protect her until the leaves return to hide and shelter her.
 Our hard water problem is melted away.
 Sunshine and wind melted away the ice in the lake. Grandpa used to say that the ground will be ready two weeks after the ice melts. We don't follow that very closely anymore. The ground is still cold, but warming quickly as the sun shines.
Butler is once again enjoying the warmth of Spring Days.
Our record low temperatures are now above zero Fahrenheit. That is when it is truly Spring in GriggsDakota. Spring is jacket weather, and often requires a heavy jacket, but we can put our parkas and snowmobile suits away for the season.
 The snow melt this year was paltry. There was no flooding and the mud that formed was mostly caused by recent snow dustings that would cause the ground surface to get sticky.
 The wind is bringing the ice and slush to the shore, but the surface is well down in its banks this year.
 Farmer Fred has begun working in the fields. He started with the Salford RTS.
One pass over the ground chops the old growth on the surface of the field and prepares the seed bed.
 There is now barley seeded here. That is the first crop we put in each year.
 There are ducks swimming in the lake and an eagle flying over at dusk caused them great concern. They took off quickly, quacking wild warnings as they flew.
The eagle is not concerned. There is plenty of other prey in the soft water of GriggsDakota.

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