Friday, April 17, 2015

Barley by the Banks of Beaver Creek

 The land is large in GriggsDakota. The tractor and drill in the distance appear tiny on the photo above.
In truth the tires on the tractor are about six feet in diameter. It is a big rig when the Case IH 485  is pulling the 40 foot Concord Air Till Drill.  
There is a lot of ground to cover as we seed our barley. The topsoil is dry, but there is moisture about an inch below the surface. We could use a rain. We haven't had one this Spring. It would settle the dust that has collected all Winter. A rain would also warm up the soil and even out the temperature in the ground. There are warm and cold spots in the ground after our long cold Winter. 
But I heard a farmer say the other day that he doesn't pray for rain, he prays for good crops, and so it is in GriggsDakota. We plant with faith that the rain will come.
 As we move closer to Beaver Creek, we spot whitetail deer. They are curious and do not seem startled as the tractor pulls closer to the creek. 
 Through the cab window and field dust that hangs in the air we watch the deer grazing. The creek is low, but there is food and water here.
As the sun sets on another day of seeding barley in GriggsDakota.

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