Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Valiant March

Before we get started with today's blogpost, let me say that I have missed writing a daily blog post. After running the Farmer Fred Awards in January and February, I found I simply had nothing to share. I attempted, but I could not turn out posts worthy of GriggsDakota. Everything seemed redundant and disconnected. Perhaps I should have shared that with you at the time, but it sounded too dramatic and silly. 
During the past month I have added an updated operating system to my computer. Editing and uploading photos takes twice as long now as I struggle to find the avenues to accomplish each task. I plan to persevere and as the farm work begins this Spring, I hope to post at least a couple of times each week. Thank you for your continued support. I sincerely appreciate those who enjoy GriggsDakota.
March is a Winter month in GriggsDakota.  
The little precipitation we have had, falls as snowflakes. 
 It is what we expect as we march through the long Winter season on the northern plans.
 However, this March gave a valiant effort to rid us of the cold.  We experienced a few warm days mixed among the late winter freezes. 
When the ground has little snow cover, the air is much more likely to warm when the Southern winds blow. 
 As March leaves us this year, snow is hard to find. There is a little hiding in ditches.
There is some snow on the North side of tree rows.
The blackbirds are singing a song of Spring. It sounds like hope to me. 
 A few days of sunshine and Spring seems just around the corner.
 The fields will once again be planted and green.
This year, March has made a valiant effort to change the Winter into Spring in GriggsDakota.

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