Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Time to make Starter Pots

March is a month of optimism. We have experienced more Winter days than we have left to face this season. Farmer Fred had been putting plans in place for the season ahead. With commodity prices down and margins narrow, penciling in a profit for the coming season is not something we can do without careful calculation. After disappointing season last year, this year is a nail biter. Every expense is being analyzed. Careful management will be key going forward.
With all of this on our minds, it is nice to have the garden to dream about. There are seeds in the porch, and it will soon be time to start them in little bits of earth. This gives the garden a head start and improves the possibility that it will yield produce before the frost returns next Fall.
My neighbor taught a group of us how to make these starter pots. 
It takes a can of the appropriate size, old newspaper and tape. A soup can works perfectly, larger or smaller can be your choice.
Use a single sheet. Farm papers work well in Griggs Dakota. 
Fold the sheet in half, bring the double edge up about 1/2 inch from the folded edge and crease the bottom. 
Fold down the half inch top down. 
Place the top on the can and roll. 
Tape the seam to form a cylinder. The  folded edge becomes the top of your pot.
Turn the can onto its top and fold the bottom in place. 
Tape to hold the bottom together. 
Remove the can.  
A starter pot. 
 The folded down top helps hold their shape even when wet. The pots seem to work just as well as peat pots and they are almost free. 
I water liberally to get the seeds to sprout and often cover with plastic while the seeds germinate. These pots will disintegrate in your garden, so you can set your plant in with the pot. No chance of disturbing tender roots.
Before you know it, the garden is started.
They are very easy to label with a Sharpie marker. 
Labeling is critical, unless you are an expert on plant identification. I like to label the pots with the variety and days to maturity. I label stakes in the garden, so that I know what to expect and how to pamper each plant.
I planted plenty to share with my family and friends. 
The concepts of gardening, from seeds to fruition, proved especially interesting to the Ag Analyst. 
She took many plants home and proudly showed me flowers and vegetables later in the Summer. 
From humble beginnings a garden can grow. It's time to get started making pots from newspapers. 
The garden provides beauty, nutrition, and much more in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Fruitful post this one is! Who would like to start a garden is a must to know how make a pot with papers. Amusing!