Monday, March 30, 2015

Slow Down

 Every Monday we welcome our daughter Kirsti to blog from her home in Western North Dakota's oil patch.

You've perhaps heard that oil prices are effecting the American Oil Economy. You've heard correctly.

Production (extracting from existing wells) continues, but the drilling of new wells has slowed significantly. 

Once busy drilling rigs are now set in stack out yards for maintenance and storage. These rigs will be kept here until they're needed again. We don't know when that will be.
They're being erected--"rigged up" as they say around here. But not for drilling. At least not anytime soon.
Seeing all these dormant rigs placed next to one another is a bit eerie. You can't help but think of all the employees who are no longer calling North Dakota their home. An active drilling rig supports an average of 75 families--that doesn't include the families supported during the life of the well once drilling is completed.
It's the nature of the industry, ups and downs. When markets are strong you prepare for the rainy days. Much like farming, some times things just don't go as planned.

So yes, there is a slow down in western North Dakota. But much is still as it was. We get up each day, work diligently at the things we can control, and come home in the evening to hot meals and warm beds.  There is much to be thankful for. 

Until next week. -Kirsti

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