Friday, February 27, 2015

The Crossroads of Winter: More or Less

There are no photographs of crossroads in this post. It is meant to be a metaphor. Our days have been dawning with subzero temperatures. The sun shines through the day just enough to allow the air temperature to rise above zero. Too quickly, the sun sets and the plunge begins again, subzero by dawn and often even colder than the day before. "As the days begin the lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen," the old timers remind us. It has proven true this year. 
 The sun itself has begun to drive away the cold on the days it shines.
 And so, as February finishes, we begin to hope for Spring.
There are no apparent signs of Spring on the lake. 
Or anywhere on the land, for that matter.
We must look for more subtle signs. 
Like calves that are scheduled to begin arriving next week. 
And strong shadows that are a result of bright afternoon sun. 
Next week will be March. 
The sun will stay longer each day, but there is no guarantee that Winter will retreat. 
The first day of Spring will arrive on the calendar, although we know that even by that late date, there may be no apparent sign of Spring. 
So we will be watching for the tiniest signs of Spring 
And keep our hopes up in GriggsDakota.

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