Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meanwhile, Back on the Farm

It is back to reality in GriggsDakota and Winter is still with us. The wind is howling making our falling temperatures feel all the more chilling. Our weather has not been extremely cold. We have not set a record cold temperature for any given day so far this year. Record cold involves sinking down somewhere below the thirty degrees below zero Fahrenheit mark. In GriggsDakota we have not been quite that cold, but we have been close on a few days.  We also have not had an abundance of snow. During our January thaw, all of the snow disappeared. That is extremely unusual, but welcome in most respects. 
 It caused concern for the Winter Wheat. Planted in the Fall, just when it looks green and lush, Winter comes. We hope that it will have a cozy blanket of snow to wear all through the cold months. 
The fields spent time bare and brown, then received a thin cover of snow. Our temperatures have been down well below zero.
Will the Winter Wheat, planted last Fall when it germinated and now waiting in dormancy for Spring, freeze in the chill? 
 Farmer Fred is quietly optimistic for a couple of reasons. He thinks that all is well in the field.
Our ground temperatures have not gone into the deep freeze yet. We plant very hardy varieties that are developed to withstand our cold climate. Of course, we may still have plenty of Winter ahead of us, but it appears that the plant roots can survive the cold, so far. 
Also, we had an excellent stand last Fall. The roots became well established which means they are down below the surface, where the temperature is slightly warmer. 
So, down on the farm, things are still Wintery and we are wondering about our Winter Wheat in GriggsDakota.

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