Monday, February 9, 2015

August Farmer Fred Award RunnerUp: The Harvest Dance Begins

Every farmer loves harvest. We plan, work, and wait for it all year long. The first day of combining is a day of optimism, even in a difficult year like 2014. Family and friends like to come to the farm for a visit. Many catch a ride in the buddy seat with Farmer Fred and eat a bag meal prepared in the GriggsDakota kitchen. It's work, but it is our work. We chose it and we love it.
The Farmer Fred Award Runner-Up for August 2014 is awarded to:
The Harvest Dance Begins
Originally published on August 13, 2014
We have started the combines. 
They have been picking up barley swaths. 
While we are out in the fields, we take the opportunity to swath some of the areas that we were unable to plant during our wet Spring. On the left is an area of foxtail barley, which could never be mistaken for our golden barley crop. 
The swaths are drying down in a couple of days. 
The sun has been shining bright, although the temperatures have been moderate for August. 
 The grain cart, pulled by our Case-IH 305, pulls up to Farmer Fred's combine to receive the threshed barley.
The barley in the combine is peeking up over the hopper of the combine, as it begins to trickle through the auger and out the spout into the waiting cart. 
 The combine continues to harvest grain as it dumps into the grain cart. Inches separate the two machines.
The grain cart will carry its load to the waiting trucks which are parked near an approach at the end of the field. 
The trucks then take the barley down the road to a bin site. 
From the truck it is dumped into a gathering auger and taken by auger to its storage bin. 
 As the barley is being dumped into the bin it, samples are taken.
The sample is tested for moisture. The sample is labeled with field location. 
The grain sample will be taken to the elevator and evaluated on another day. 
Today we are too busy with the Harvest Dance in GriggsDakota.

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