Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter on the Farm

The weather is the inside joke in our part of the country. Ever changing and difficult to predict, we are often surprised by the morning temperatures this time of year. We are often reassured that we can expect a warm up in a day or two, but often the weather man has been fooled by old man Winter. Residents of the area get through the worst of Winter with the hope of warmer weather in a day or two, so we aren't too hard on the forecasters. It gives us something to talk about. 
 The sun is shining longer each day and it easily noticed by mid January. We can depend on that. The longer stronger light makes every day more pleasant as we go about our work on the farm.
 Cattleman Jim must feed and water the cattle every day. 
It is good to have enthusiastic helpers.
The Farm Inspector and the AgAnalyst are ready to help whenever they get a chance.
They know that working on the farm can work up quite and appetite. So they race to the house when they finish.  
Where we enjoy lunch of Norwegian health food. Today it is doughnuts, loaded up with frosting and sliced almonds. It is just what we need to keep up our strength on a Winter day in GriggsDakota.

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