Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Soybeans on the Move

 It is still the time of year where darkness lingers into the morning, but we are gaining a bit of daylight each day.
And light eventually pushes through which is reminder that Winter, too, will pass. But for now, it is cold and persistent. Farmer Fred was the first to arrive at the grain bins and waits in the tractor on the left.
The trucks are arriving, only to join the wait. 
They line up to take their turns, but an important piece of machinery has not arrived.
Today our seed soybeans will be leaving the farm. Everyone is waiting for the large grain vacuum that will gently move the soybeans from the bins to the trucks. The foreman, new and unfamiliar, has been on the wrong road. 
Farmer Fred and the man in charge of the move quickly confer to plan the day. 
 The truck drivers, anxious to get on the road, jump out to help get things started. The work begins as Farmer Fred backs up to the grain vacuum. The machine is powered by the Power Take Off (PTO) on the tractor.
 The grain vac is backed into place.
The set up involves installing the intake hose and moving the discharge tube  into place so the trucks can be filled efficiently. This grain vac is very specialized handle the seed soybeans gently. 
Soon the first semi truck and trailer pulls up. Notice the intake hose is connected to the bin through a special opening in the door of the bin. The grain vacuum will suck the soybeans from the bin and move them up the pipe with very little stress or damage to the soybeans. 
 The trucks will be filled one after another, bin after bin.
Until all of the seed soybeans at the bin site are on the road. Soon they will be cleaned and processed for Spring planting on another farm. 
As it gently drops the seed soybeans into the trailer, the noisy grain vacuum disturbs the crisp morning. There is dust in the air that smells like Summertime to me. 
 This will continue through the day and into other days at other sites. This process continues through the coldest part of the winter here, and on other farms. The soybeans will be unloaded at seed companies and elevators. It is the final step in raising a crop.
Seed soybean delivery for 2015 planting has begun. On a dark morning in the cold of winter, it is the first sign of Spring in GriggsDakota.


  1. Very interesting--Thank you for posting the photos and the description.

    What would be the volume relation/proportion between one of the smaller bins (of which I can see three in one photo) and a tractor-trailer load?

  2. Kyle,
    The small bins in the picture will approximately fill three semi trailers as pictured. Thanks for following Griggs Dakota.