Friday, January 23, 2015

March Farmer Fred Award: About Robbie

Robbie has had GriggsDakota in his heart since before he was a year old. He was completely content at the farm with his grandparents and Cattleman Jim. There was no amount of time that was too long in a tractor cab. He turned the dryer into a tractor cab and fixed the clutch on the oven when he was not at the farm. What would we ever do without him? We nearly found out when his hand was crushed in a farm accident when he was 14. He lost a lot of blood that afternoon, alone in the field. 
Years later, I once became teary discussing that day with him. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "You can cry if you want to, but my life is just fine." He has turned it all into an asset and has been an inspiration to many others who have faced challenges in their lives.
The March Farmer Fred Award Winner is presented to:
About Robbie
 If you had been born a girl,
We were going to name you PollyEsther after your Great Grandma Esther. 
You were due to be born on her birthday, 
but you were born a week early and a boy. 
So we named you Robbie. 
 You grew up as a bike riding,
farm loving,
 autograph seeking,
You have made us proud 
As a patient Uncle, 
Coach,  Teacher, 
and Husband
Who knows the road 
to GriggsDakota.

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