Thursday, January 15, 2015

Farmer Fred Award: January Runner-Up "Dangerous Winter"

When you live in the cold, it is easy to ignore the fact that it is dangerous. The wind makes the weather colder and even more dangerous. In GriggsDakota, we have plenty of both cold and wind in January. The land is starkly beautiful and the ice becomes polished by the grinding crystals in the blowing snow. Farmer Fred likes Winter, but alas, appreciates the reality check this post provides.
The January 2014 Farmer Fred Award Runner Up is presented to:
Dangerous Winter
Originally Published on January 7, 2014
You may think you know what cold is, but baby, maybe not. We are experiencing the coldest weather that we have had in years. It started with ice, then cold, then wind. It is a breath taking combination. 
The sun has continued to shine most of the days that it has been so cold. The North Wind has been howling.
 The sun has little power in January. It appears each day as a spectator. 
Deicing products don't work in this cold, so the ice that formed on Friday is lingering. Roads in our area are still treacherous. Schools closed.
 Snow becomes grainy and crystals are always in the wind, stinging exposed skin, which begins to freeze quickly.
For the experienced, this is the occasional endurance test that Winter puts before us. We are taught to respect Winter and how to survive in spite of the severe temperatures and wind. In GriggsDakota we understand the dangers and can tell stories of former Winter perils. We know that we can't beat it, a person begins to freeze in minutes. Any bit of trouble can become serious.
North Dakota is enjoying its highest population in history and we are thankful that people are finding work within our borders, but many are poorly prepared for this. This is serious cold. 
 So now everyone knows, this is an old fashioned North Dakota winter. Simple tasks and trips become dangerous with any little bit of unexpected trouble. Nothing to get too excited about, but be careful out there. Plan ahead.
In a few days we will bounce back to normal Winter temperatures. 
It's a long Winter road in GriggsDakota.

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