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Farmer Fred Award January 2014: Twelfth Day of Christmas

Although we do occasionally mark birthdays in GriggsDakota, they have never been award winning posts. This however stood out in Farmer Fred's mind as an exception. It is a reminder of how fast life passes by and a call to enjoy each day as best we can, no matter what circumstances surround us.
The January 2014 Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
The Twelfth Day of Christmas: We Got the Gift
Originally published on January 6, 2014

Farmer Fred and I received our best Christmas gift ever on a cold day thirty five years ago today. We named her Kathryn Lynn.
I want Katie to know that my hairdresser assured me that 50 is the new 35. You know that he would never lie to me.

Katie began making her own wardrobe choices at the age of three. It was one of the best parenting decisions that I ever made.
 She designed her own look, especially on school picture day.
Katie is the originator of the now famous Miley Cyrus tongue move. 
She is a swimmer, 
Basketball player, 
and can bait her own hook. However, this is not her lucky catch. 
Katie can play a little piano 
and was an Aunt Holly look alike when she was young. 
The girl sobbed and argued when people started to say that she looked like her dad while in junior high. 
Katie was stylish in her Grandma Dorothy's old dress. 
And was beautiful in the dress Iris bought for me when I was five years old. 
Katie waited to be a big sister until she was six years old. She met that challenge with her usual enthusiasm. 
From the beginning, Katie looked good in pink. 
We thought it was her best color. 
We noticed that she really liked red. 
Maybe that is part of what got her to Georgia. 
Track became her lifelong love and now she is instilling that love in her children. 
One windy, chilly day at a time. 
Katie was an enthusiastic bride. 
She knew what she wanted. 
Katie grew up close to UND.
She never outgrew that connection. 
And has stayed close to University of North Dakota athletics.
Katie's birthday is the twelfth day of Christmas and we quickly learned everyone was all partied and gifted out.
 But through the years, we tried to celebrate.
She always had a cake.
Although sometimes she decorated it herself. 
A simple celebration was not really her style,
But she was usually a good sport. 
The enthusiasm of the guests more than made up for whatever might be missing.  
Happy Birthday Kathryn Lynn! 
From the old gang in GriggsDakota.

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