Wednesday, January 28, 2015

April Farmer Fred Award: April Begins as a Winter Month

Six months of Winter are too many and since we often turn cold in October and always by late November,  we would like to count on April for Spring. In 2014, April was fickle and provided little of the new season.

The April Farmer Fred Award is presented to: 
April Begins as a Winter Month
Originally published on  April 1, 2014
 Dawn brought clearing skies, cold temperatures and a stinging North wind.
 I hope that this is the last snow post of the season.
There are reminders of December everywhere. 
The geese survived the snowstorm by keeping their heads down, in the open on the lake.  
The wind had drawn interesting patterns onto every surface. 
We could tell that this was not mid-Winter, however. 
The sun was too bright and carried the promise of light and heat.  
Things felt a little wierd. 
The shelter belts had done their best. 
 But there was lots of snow to move.
The South side of evergreen trees were left frosted as the wind forced the snowflakes through the branches. 
 My guess is that about 15 inches fell around here, but there is not flat surface on which to accurately measure.
It was such an enchanting day, that it took the sting of this foolishness away. 
There was snow to push. 
Lots of snow to move, so that trucks can move around in the yards. 
We also kept in mind that this snow will melt soon.
 Moving the snow away will help to minimize mud.
So, patiently and diligently, with just a bit of disbelief, we spent the day. 
Yes, everyone is ready to sweep Winter away. 
We are ready to find the road to Spring. 
So ready, in fact that the wind left us a snow sculpted butterfly in GriggsDakota.

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