Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Darkest Days and then...

 December brings the darkest days.
 I began to take these photos at five last evening. The sun has set and the color on the horizon was fading fast.
Darkest days bring sadness for many, but I want you to see beauty and hope. 
The prolonged darkness and dim sunlight of our Winter days are a treat or a trauma, cozy or cold.
The poignancy of the season makes us emotional. The memories branded in our minds crowd our minds and color our perspective during the darkest days.  It's a long time until morning.
Enhanced by the light from my pickup's headlights, we have plenty of Holly Jolly sparkle on the icy snow. 
I noticed that there are still a few untouched soybean pods on this plant and a few others that the combine left in the field.  There are tracks around, so that indicates to me that no creature is hungry.
The wildlife has all settled down somewhere snug. They are waiting for the sun to return. As I drive away,  the sparkle leaves with the light.
And I know dawn is forever away from here. 
 The land demands nothing of us now, it rests in frozen silence, unconcerned with darkness or light. 
Perhaps the darkness of December has given us too much time to ponder the past, too much opportunity for regret.
 We need, instead, to look forward.
Next week light will begin to build, optimism will return, the Celebration will arrive. 
And moment by moment, day after day, morning and evening, darkness will fall away as the light returns to GriggsDakota.

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