Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to: A Tea Time Christmas Tree

Inspired by the book, A Cup of Christmas Tea, I made some tree decorations from tea time items.
 These old teaspoons are pierced and made it easy to run a wire and a bit of trim through the end in order to hang it on the tree. I love silver spoons on a lit Christmas tree. They twinkle.
If your spoons are not pierced, I recommend using the mini Command hooks on the back of the spoon. I have good experiences with these. Be sure the spoon back is clean and dry. mount it upside down so it becomes the hook and not the holder.
The pierced spoons allow me to use wire and a few artificial berries along with a ribbon on each spoon. 
 I found these cute cans of tea at TJ Maxx in a pack of three tins. I used hot glue, a crafter's best friend, to attach a bit of Christmas cheer and a wire to the back of each can.
The cans of tea are depictions of the buses in London.  
The sight of them brings a smile, which is what I like to find on a casual tree. 
 I filled in with tea bag packets. The deep color of the paper is pretty elegant for a packet of tea. I poked a hole through the top.
Then pushed a wire with ribbon and berries attached through the hole to assemble the decoration. 
There are teaspoons 
And cute little canisters plus red balls to shine in the lights. 
The tea bags fill in the bare spots and actually catch a bit of light themselves on GriggsDakota's
A Cup of Christmas Tea
Christmas Tree.

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