Wednesday, December 3, 2014

From Harvest to Hauling

 Winter has come in hard and cold. We have finished with all harvest related activities, so what is left to do? Last Summer we stored much of our grain on the farm as we harvested. Now we need to haul it. Much of our crop is contracted for delivery after harvest is complete.
Transporting barley from the farm to the elevator is keeping Farmer Fred busy today. 
Someone has filled the grain cart for him while he drove to the Busch Elevator with another load. 
The grain cart's auger unloads the grain into the truck very quickly. 
This makes for the least amount of time off the highway as he refills for the next load. Our daylight hours are short this month and the elevators close early. Making efficient use of the day is important in order to get the most grain hauled.  
 The grain cart does not hold enough grain to fill both the box and the trailer.
 Farmer Fred pulls the truck around to finish filling from the hopper bin.
He checks the trailer to see how much room still needs to be filled. 
 He then climbs up to check the bin.
When both truck box and trailer are filled and the tarp is in place over the load, Farmer Fred will be on the road with another load of barley. 

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