Monday, November 3, 2014

Mystery Solved

Every Monday we welcome our daughter Kirsti to blog from her home in Western North Dakota's oil patch. Take it away Kirsti.

My husband had to look twice when he drove past this trail crossing sign. Was that what he thought it was?

He got out to investigate it further. He'd never a seen a crossing sign like this one.

As he walked closer to it, he began speculating as to how the horse's rider received its feather. Was it drawn on with marker by a vandal? A smudge of dirt from a passing truck?

He got close enough to see the texture of the marking.

Bird droppings.

Laughter echoed through the badlands as he snapped this photo. No vandal. No damage. Just the work of God's creation giving him a moment to enjoy the scenery around him.

Have a great week.

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