Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finally Finishing the Corn

This is a cold November morning with the temperature just above zero Fahrenheit and the wind blowing relentlessly with gusts that nearly knock me over. This is the day we plan to actually finish the corn.
I told you a few weeks ago that we had finished combining the corn. In this cold country, combining corn is always a hurry as fast as you can activity. The change of season is upon us and we know any day could be the last nice day we have. We were lucky to finish the corn on the very last nice day of Fall this year.
We finished by putting corn that was not quite dry enough for long term storage into bins temporarily.  The corn is removed from the bin, taken to the dryer to remove the excess moisture. The grain is vacuumed from the bin by the grain vacuum, noisy machine powered by the Power Takeoff and Hydraulics of the tractor to which it is hitched.
The corn is deposited into the truck box and hauled to the dryer site. 
 On this cold windy day, the uninitiated could mistake this for a fire, but it is the excess moisture that causes steam to come off of the corn as it is dried.
When the corn is dried to a safe storage level of 14.5% moisture, it is carried by auger the waiting grain cart. In this operation the grain cart never moves. That way the drier never has to shut down. There is a constant flow of grain in and out during the drying process.

From the grain cart, the corn travels to the truck which will transport it back to the bin. 
When all the corn is dry and back in the bin, we are finally done with harvest for 2014 in GriggsDakota.

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