Thursday, November 6, 2014

And then The Snow Arrived

 As if by a magic wand, the snow began to fall just hours after the combines and trucks pulled off the last corn field to be harvested this season.
By late afternoon we had about six inches of sticky snow. 
 It was enough to make the roads treacherous.
 Up the hill, there is still corn to dry, which is a part of harvest, I suppose. But that can be done on a day when it isn't snowing, even if there is snow on the ground.
 The temperature hovered around freezing and the day was beautiful. 
The water in the lake is still soft, meaning it has not frozen. 
But it is just a matter of days now, before the water will freeze. Many of the sloughs, where the water doesn't flow, have a hard crust of ice on the top. 
Winter begins in GriggsDakota.

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