Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Lonely Egret

This is the land of the lonely. Wide open spaces and room to be alone. There is a lonely egret hanging around down by the lake. I haven't seen him with one of his own kind, although he has been hanging out with the geese, ducks and others passing through. 
It is a roaring windy day and I understand why he wouldn't hear me coming. He doesn't see me coming either, despite the fact that I am behind the wheel of a fire engine red three-quarter ton pickup truck.  
I suppose he has been left behind by his flock who flew through GriggsDakota about a month ago. 
Tired, sick, for some reason unable to make the trip at the time. 
 He takes to the air, just to prove that he can fly.
 But the egret pretends he is going to land nearby.
As he nears the water, he seems to find a burst of energy. 
 He squawks his farewell.
And flies away.

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