Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soybean Harvest Complete

Today is the last day of soybean harvest. As I do most days during harvest, I came to the field at noon to deliver lunches. 
Today's menus is bacon double cheeseburger, pizza salad, chips, grapes, and cake. 
Plus your choice of pop and water from the cooler I carry along. 
You can see Farmer Fred has his lunch bag by the window. I pack things in foam containers to keep things hot or cold. During the long days of Summer, everything in the bag can be eaten with one hand. Today I included a fork and hope everyone can find a moment to stop and eat their salad and cake.
 For a moment I think that I am one combine short, then notice dust wafting from over the ridge.
 The dust was hanging in the air like a hot August night. There was no wind all day. We have been enjoying perfect harvesting weather.
As we finish the 2014 soybeans we have only one more crop to combine. Tomorrow we start to prepare the machines for corn harvest in GriggsDakota.

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