Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to: Put together Scary Halloween Treats

 There have been witches hanging around GriggsDakota.
Above is our favorite Halloween treat. A disposable glove stuffed with candy. They are simple to make. Here I have pushed a sucker into each glove finger. Filling each finger gives the hand personality. Use anything that fits easily into them and would make a good treat. Today I filled the palm with candies, but a juice box fits here, as well. Close it with a rubber band or ribbon. We have made hundreds of these over the years. You can also close them by putting them over a soda can. Candy in the fingers, then put the opening down over the top of your favorite pop. These have been crowd pleasers, too.
Tomorrow is Field Man Joe's Birthday. His friends still remember this treat that we made every year to celebrate his special day with a Halloween theme.    
 There will soon be vampires and perhaps a Ninja turtle joining the witches in the area.
 I expect to see a few ghosts from the seventies on the prowl.
Be vigilant on Halloween night. Sometimes the monsters are too excited to be careful. 
Happy Halloween from the scary folks at GriggsDakota.

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