Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Checking the Cornfield

 Corn harvest is scheduled to begin as soon as we get the combine heads changed and the combines clean. We also have to plan the process for drying the corn before storing it. We will not combine dry corn this Fall. We will be using air bins and the grain dryer.
 Many of the corn cobs have tipped downward. Some varieties of corn are more likely to let the cobs drop than others. It is a preferred genetic trait as the cobs are protected from moisture by the husks as they dry down.
The cob size is moderate. We will not set any yield records this year. But the cobs are filled with kernels dented. 
We have had some windy days and that can be a concern for ripening corn. Happily, it appears the corn is standing up well. 
 As I mentioned before, we will combine this corn wet, that is above the safe storage level of 14.5% moisture. 
The kernels on the cob that I checked were firm and mealy, but did not crack when I bit down on them. That indicates wet corn, but I cannot judge the moisture accurately. 
We are hoping that the moisture is around 20%. We would then dry it in the grain dryer to 15% before putting the crop in an air bin to cool and dry down to 14.5%.
A combine will arrive soon to take a sample. The sample will be moisture tested which will let us know if we can continue the harvest or wait for additional drying in the cornfields of GriggsDakota.

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