Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Black Beans Finally Ready to Combine

 Black Beans are finally ready for the combines.
Farmer Fred is checking his monitor. 
His combine has not left the yard. There are settings and adjustments to make as the combines move from small grains to black beans. 
The days warm as they the hours pass in October. By afternoon the wind was blowing and had lost its bite. The cool returns quickly as the sun wanes. 
Perfect late harvest weather. 
 The back beans are cut near the ground with a flex-head mounted on the combine. 
The leaves have fallen to the ground as the bean pods cling to the upright vine. 
There are a few green pods. 
A quick check reveals ripe beans inside. Most pods contain six black beans. Black beans grown in GriggsDakota are raised to be food. The beans will be cleaned and sold to canneries or processors. We tried black bean burgers on the grill not long ago and like them very much.
Tasty black beans are coming off the field in GriggsDakota.

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