Friday, October 24, 2014

About those Fence Posts

 When I arrived, Cattleman Jim had the post hole digger at the ready. He is replacing posts in the pasture fence.
Have you ever dug a fence post hole by hand? Let me assure you, a post hole digger is a great tool.
 The tractor hydraulics runs the motor that spins the the shaft while, the loader holds the implement as it spins itself down into the ground.
As it spins, it is dislodging dirt. 
In a flash, the post hole digger has dug a hole for the post. 
The loader lifts the digger out and it brings a load of dirt along. Presto! As if by magic there is a hole in the ground. 
 We are using old high line poles for fence posts. Each pole has had two eight foot lengths cut from it. 
 This is the third piece, longer than eight feet, it will be the sentinel on the line.
Cattleman Jim uses the loader to press it into place. 
 He tamps the soil firmly around the bottom of the post.
And we have a fencepost in place.  
The rose hips from a Wild Prairie Rose is in the grass. They look like rubies as they shimmer and bob in the breeze. 
As we enjoy one more beautiful afternoon in GriggsDakota.


  1. that post hole digger attachment looks dangerous!

  2. We've dug many a post hole with one of those-and we still have fence to put up!