Monday, October 20, 2014

A view from the oilfield

Every Monday we welcome our daughter Kirsti to blog from her home in Western North Dakota's oil patch. Take it away Kirsti.

My husband snapped this photo on his phone almost three years ago. It was one of the first photos he shared with me from his new job in the oil field. We had moved here just weeks earlier. We were living in a new (to us) home, a new town, a new timezone. It was a new way of life that felt far removed from my farm-girl upbringing in GriggsDakota. I was a bundle of nerves.
He shared this photo and I knew. I knew we would make a home here. I knew we would have a great life. I knew we'd make it.
I still look at this photo from time to time. It's a reminder of that exciting time in our lives, as well as a reminder of God's faithfulness in directing our paths.
Some see the beautiful sky. Some see the well site. I see hope.

Have a great week! -Kirsti

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