Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Good Neighbor

 We started soybean harvest and like most things this Fall, it's late.
 So when a neighbor offered to come over and help us, we weren't concerned about the color of his combine. We are colorblind and grateful.
While taking photos my memory traveled back to a 4-H Club meeting that I attended at his house. It was June, many years ago. Tim's mom, Rita, raised  strawberries and she and the kids had been picking and freezing strawberries that day. She froze most of the strawberries with sugar for the family, but some with artificial sweetener for her husband, Edward, who was diabetic.  
It was not any trouble to make cake, whip cream, top it with freshly picked strawberries and serve the delicious treat to the 4-H club that evening. Our club was girls only then, the Jolly Lassies. Although most of the girls had farm related projects like livestock and gardening, these meetings were more about the domestic arts. People were kind and generous. 4-H meetings are some of the happiest memories of my growing up years. 
 Tim lives on that farmstead where the strawberries grew and the 4-H met whenever it was his sisters' turn to host the meeting. His dad went to the country school with my parents. Our roots are deep in GriggsDakota.
But, I digress, back to Soybean harvest.
Robbie drove the grain cart on the first day of soybean harvest. 
He had his beautiful copilot along for much of the afternoon. As soon as all of her questions are answered, that city girl just might get behind the wheel and drive a rig.  
The acres are getting done in a hurry with many willing hearts and hands in GriggsDakota.

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