Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Crop of Rocks in Fall

There are some green leaves on certain species of trees, but many leaves have left. It wasn't a beautiful Fall leaf year in GriggsDakota. Our frost brought many leaves to the ground, brown and wrinkled.  
One thing we always seem to have plenty of is rocks. And this Fall there seems to be even more than usual. Our freeze-thaw cycle brings rocks to the surface each year as the frost leaves the ground. I have read that in some areas of the country, it may actually be possible to pick all of the rocks. That is not going to happen here, not anytime soon, probably not ever. A melting glacier left them here and the land belches them up to the surface in a never ending supply.
So we are using a Degelman reel style rock picker to get a few moved off the surface. 
The reel rotates around and scoops rocks up.  
 The rocks are deposited into the wagon, transported to an out of the way spot, and dumped in a pile off the field.  
 There are a few spots where the trees have colored leaves, but the display is not vibrantly colored. Fall snapped in this year, as it often does in GriggsDakota.
Last year, September left leaves for us to enjoy in October.
I noticed a few plums still hanging on trees. They must not be ripe as I believe they would have been claimed by bird or beast. Deer shake the bush to make fruit fall to the ground or stand on their hind legs to reach higher on the tree when the plums are ripe and tasty.
The wind is gusty and blowing the leaves straight out from their stems though the thinning trees as I pull my sweatshirt on a little tighter and zip the zipper to the top.

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