Thursday, September 18, 2014

Winter Wheat Planting

We feel the rush of the changing seasons in GriggsDakota. The cool mornings have not been frosty since the weekend and are not predicted to be for a while. Our daylight leaves earlier every evening and the sun arrives a few minutes late each morning. It is Fall, although the calendar still has it a few days away. There is so much to do...
While the combines were still in the Spring Wheat Field, the Concord Air-Till Drill was planting Winter Wheat. 
This is barley stubble. The barley crop was straight cut, not swathed. That allowed us to leave the stalk longer as we combined with the straight head. That head cuts the grain, then folds it into the machine to be threshed. After harvest, the ground was worked at an angle to the rows of stubble with a Salford RTS. Click on the link to learn more about how a Salford RTS works.
We believe that the additional straw left on the field by cutting it higher from the ground will catch more snow, thereby providing more insulation for the crop through the cold months of Winter. By capturing more snow on the field, we add precious water to the land for our 2015 Winter Wheat crop. 
 The cool of the evening sets in earlier now. It causes the dust to hang in the air near the ground making for a magical look to the evening.
 As we work behind the hill, the sun begins to hide on the horizon.
Our long Summer evenings are over. There will be many hours going forward of working in the dark as we finish our season. 
 But for tonight, we are enjoying light and the satisfaction of accomplishment.
Seeding Winter Wheat continues in the dimming twilight of GriggsDakota.

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