Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wild Flowers in the New Shelter Belt

It is amazing to see what can happen to a seed over the Summer.  
 This is especially true this year when our Spring was cold and late.
Wild Flower seeds were planted between the rows of our new shelter belt by the Aneta Community Orchard and Gardens. 
Bill refers to the shelter belt as an arboretum because it has a wide selection of trees that can be categorized as specialty crops in our area. 
They might be grown for fruit, nuts, lumber, or other special purpose.  
We have a few trees from many different species that will grow as an example of how that tree will grow in our climate. We will watch them and see if they can survive and thrive.  The wild flowers will be left to go to seed or perhaps some roots will survive under the snow.
All of the trees in the rows will protect the fenced Aneta Community Orchard and Gardens from the cruel prevailing Northwest wind of Winter. 
The shelter belt was planted earlier this Summer. A barrier was rolled out onto the ground to inhibit weed growth between rows, absorb heat from the sun, and conserve water.
 The shelter belt even contain hardy roses.
Their hips make interesting jam and jelly, which I have tasted, but never made myself. 
All of this is backed by a row of practical, fast growing trees. 
Soon, perhaps within a week, the cold will return and our growing season will end. 
By April, anything that is inspired to grow will be a welcome sight in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Makes for an exciting winter knowing whats coming in spring! Thanks for sharing.