Friday, September 12, 2014

Welcome to September 12

Today is September 12. Our enemies have not destroyed everything yet. I have been reminded recently that the enemies of family farms are not just those with guns. Many of our enemies are disguised with virtuous cloaks and speak with wide eyes and convincing words. They perceive problems and promote concerns. Their purpose is to destroy the American Dream. But somehow Americans manage to keep dreaming up better lives for themselves and their families. 
The usually reliable weather forecaster has raised the expected low temperatures for our area. We are no longer expecting a season ending freeze today and tomorrow in our area. However, there will likely be some frost. Some farms will get by with no damage while others, particularly those to our west, are predicted to have a freeze. It is impossible to forecast with certainty. Whatever the outcome, we are grateful to be here on this farm, in this country, on this day. Many things in the world seem to be going wrong, but here, many things are just fine. The following is a reminder for those of us who continue to live our American Dream. Welcome to September 12.
Today is September 12.
 We are vigilant.
America is ready.
No one here has forgotten.
 The land in GriggsDakota was calm yesterday.
As was the water.
Are we safer today than we were yesterday? 
I, of course, have no sure answer. 
 Although I doubt we are safer, I believe we are better. 
America will always need vigilance. 
There will be sacrifice in the future as there has been in the past.
All of life flourishes on sacrifices, great and small.
Seed to plant to flower to seed. 
Sacrifice is necessary for families to continue.
We continue to sacrifice for a better life for the next generation.
 As long as there are hungry people in the world, GriggsDakota has a purpose. 
As long as we are energy dependent, there is work to do.
 We want America to fly free.
Today, September 12, we breathe a sigh of relief in Griggs Dakota.
We made it. We are here on September 12. 
Today we continue.


  1. Thanks Jane for the wonderful insight today. Reality here on the High Plains puts things in perspective.

    Life IS good here.

  2. Thank you. I love this blog for the encouragement.